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You need to communicate your new product. You need to be in touch with your customers. You need to be different. You advertise. Yet you don’t feel beeing on the right path. Each new step forward only adds more questions and options.

Dozens of TV channels, radio stations and magazines seem all to be the right choice at first glance. Hundreds of websites too. So does social media.  And viral campaigns. And you need to sort through audiences, circulations and click-throughs. No wonder is so difficult to make a selection, a schedule or a budget.

We are here to help.

In a media landscape as crowded as ours is always good to talk to a media specialist company.

Our Company

Who we are

Launched in March 2005 ARCO MEDIA is a partner-managed local media agency that combines classical media planning with extensive know-how from the areas of Communication Strategy, Research and Digital Media. We stand for innovative and creative media management, efficient buying and a target-oriented results.

Having worked for more than 20 years in the challenging Romanian media market our partners bring together one of the most comprehensive experience of serving the media needs of top tier international & local brands. We have succesfully covered clients from industries such as FMCG, telecom, travel, retail, automotive, sport, entertainment, luxury, beauty, financial services or healthcare.

What We Do

We pride ourselves on achieving top results for our clients by employing a flexible business model that always puts first our client’s needs at its center and then delivering creative and innovative solutions, be it in research, media planning, media buying or associated services as monitoring and post-campaign analysis.


Our field of expertise cover all media channels, ranging from TV, radio, print, outdoor advertising as well as digital media, and we see all of them being parts of a succesful communication strategy individually tailored to meet each client’s goals.



9 Foisorului street, sector 3, Bucharest